Paper Submission Guideline

The selected papers presented throughout the conference will be published in an edited book entitled Explorations of Space in Literature. Full papers submitted to the evaluation committee must be written according to the following rules :

Margin. Margins should be set to one (1) inch on all sides (top, bottom, left and right).

Font Size and Type. Font for text all throughout the paper should be 12-pt. Make sure you use Times New Roman font face, and refrain from using decorative fonts.

Spacing. The entire paper should be single-spaced. This includes the title and the body of each paragraph. Avoid adding extra spaces between the heading and the title of your paper as well as between the title and body itself. For spacing after punctuation, observe one space after periods and other punctuation marks.

Text Indentation. For the text body, indent the first line of each paragraph approximately half-inch from the left margin which also equates to 5-7 spaces. It is recommended that you make use of the Tab key for uniformity, rather than pressing the space bar 5-7 times.

Order of Pages and Pagination. Place a header that numbers all the pages of your paper in the upper right corner of each page, half inch from the top and right-flushed.

Endnotes. Endnotes should be placed on a separate page preceding your References page. Place a "Notes" title for this section, centered on the page and must remain unformatted.

Citations. Citations must be formatted in accordance with MLA 7 Style. For a guide for MLA citation, please visit: